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AlumaFeed 350 Aluminum System

Auto-Continuum 350.jpg
Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

AlumaFeed 350 Aluminum System

1- and 3-Phase

5-425 A, 10-38 V

Weldable Metals:



MIG, Pulsed MIG


Handles, optional cart, MIGrunner

Special Features

Profile Pulse, lightweight feeder can be up to 100' from powersource

Heavy Industrial


Heavy industrial aluminum production,/fabrication, truck trailer, shipbuilding

Stock Numbers

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Comes With:

  • Gun drive rolls

  • Feeder drive rolls

  • Consumables for .035 and 3/64" (0.9 and 1.2mm) wire

907420 - 208-575 V

907420001 - 208-575 V with auxiliary power

MIG Welders